Club Meetings and Matches Suspended Until Further Notice

Unfortunately, all club and league activity is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus scare.  We are currently waiting for advisement from the league committees as to whether the remaining matches will be played or cancelled.  We hope all club members and their loved ones are able to stay safe over the coming weeks.

Nine Highcliffe Teams in Play!

Highcliffe currently have an impressive 9 teams playing across all 9 divisions in the Bournemouth, Dorset and Bacchus Leagues!  A fantastic achievement for the club.

To see how your team is doing an to view and other scores and league tables, access the ECF LMS service through the league chess tab on our website.

Round 4 of the Swiss Has Been Drawn

The draw for round 4 of the club Swiss championship has been sent out via email to all participants.  The tournament is being led currently by Christian Westrap who has a 3/3 score.

AGM Marks End of  an Exciting Season

June saw the end of an exciting season for Highcliffe Chess Club which was full of highs and lows and superb performances from club players.  The highs were Highcliffe’s ‘Dorset Double’ with victories in both Division 2 of the Dorset league and the Handicap Cup.  The lows were the unfortunate relegation of 2 of our teams after close battles to stay up.  One things is for sure and that is that we shall bounce back even stronger next season!  For a season report and some photos from the AGM of our award winners, click here.

Highcliffe Win KO Cup!

Highcliffe won the Dorset Handicap Knockout Cup by beating Purbeck 4-2 in a hard fought contest.

The match took place at Greystones on 3rd June and was a fitting end to a hugely enjoyable season for both clubs with the match itself going right down to the wire.  Since we slightly outgraded our opponents, we needed to win the match by the score of 3.5-2.5 and for much of the evening it looked as if we may fall just short.

Ken drew quickly on board 2 and Richard had a comfortable victory on board 4.  Andrew’s game on Board 5 was also drawn but we were struggling on both Boards 3 and 6.  The situation on board 1 was very unclear with Christian winning a pawn but facing a strong initiative.  In end the match turned in our favour, with Tom weaving a mating net on Board 6 and Christian taking advantage of an error in the complications on Board 1.  Rob eventually went down on Board 3 but the match was already safe.  Congratulations to Highcliffe on a great result and well done Purbeck on playing their part in a memorable evening’s chess!

Ken Smith Wins Club Championship

Congratulations to Ken on winning the 2019 Highcliffe Club Championship with a score of 4/5.  Christian Westrap also finished on 4/5 but the title goes to Ken by virtue of a better tie-break score.  This was mainly down to Ken’s victory in the key Round 3 encounter with Christian in which he won a fine attacking game.  The game is shown below, with comments by Christian Westrap.  The game also won the “best game” prize for 2018/9.