Highcliffe A make bright start in Division 1!

Highcliffe A have started well in Division 1 of the Bournemouth & District Chess League following promotion last season.  So far we have have a win and a draw from our first 2 matches and lie second in the table with 3/4 points.

The first match of the season saw us defeating Southbourne B 2.5-1.5 with Paul Kemp, Christian Westrap and Rob Halse all earning well-fought draws and Ken Smith winning the decisive game with a queen sacrifice.  Rob also stood better in his game but the game was eventually drawn after over a 100 moves in a R+2P vs R+P endgame.  A fantastic result as we were outgraded by some margin on all boards.

The second match of the season saw us at home to a strong Poole A team who are the current Division 1 champions.  Despite being outgraded by, on average, 30 points per board we pulled off a shock result by holding them to a 2-2 draw.  Ken again provided the outstanding result of the night by defeating another highly graded opponent!

Our 3rd match saw us top the table with a fine win over Poole B, there were wins for Rob and Christian in another 2.5-1.5 victory.  Ken also had a won position but let it slip amid quite a few complications.  In the end he accepted his opponents draw offer to decide the match in our favour.

We continued our unbeaten run against Southbourne A to remain at the top of division 1.  A win by default on board 1, whilst not very satisfying, turned out to be of some importance as we lost on boards 2 and 4.  Rob was on hand however, to save the match, pulling through for us on board 3 to tie the match at 2-2.

Highcliffe A are Division 2 Champions!


Our A-team will be playing in Division 1 this coming season after a great team performance which saw us winning our last 6 games and topping the Division 2 table.

For a full report, click on the image above!


Club Championship decided in exciting last round.


This year’s club championship went down to the wire as a number of players had chances to win going into the final round.  In the end, the cup was won by Christian Westrap who overcame Adam Ursell in a tense battle!  For a full report, click on the image above!


Highcliffe Castles win memorial blitz event.


There was further success for Highcliffe players as we won the 1st Keith Bateman Memorial Trophy blitz event, held in Ringwood on 5th June.  Again, click the image above for more details.