Congratulations to Highcliffe Castles who won the inaugural Keith Bateman Memorial Blitz Tournament!  The event was organised in remembrance of Keith, who was a long-standing and popular member of Salisbury Chess Club.

The event was held at The White Hart in Ringwood on 5th July and was enjoyed by all who participated.

The Castles team consisted of 4 players, namely Christian Westrap, Rob Halse, Ron Salinger and Roger Howell.  We won our first 4 matches and despite losing narrowly to a Salisbury team in the last round we held on to first place with 8/10 match points.  Special mention needs to be given to Roger who scored 5/5!

The event used an interesting ‘handicap’ system whereby the grades of the 2 players are taken into account when deciding the time control for the match.  For instance, if a 160 graded player plays a 140 graded player then the 20 minutes for the game as whole is divided up as 7 minutes and 13 minutes.  This made for many interesting and exciting battles and we are looking forward to this event becoming a regular fixture on the chess calendar!