Fixtures and Tables

For a full list of all fixtures plus current league tables, please access the ECF LMS website by clicking the image below.






We currently have teams in each of the 5 divisions in the Bournemouth and District Chess League and in each of the 3 divisions in the Dorset League.  We have also entered a team in the Bacchus League, making a grand total of 9 Highcliffe teams.

The list of team captains is given below.


Bournemouth & District Chess League

A-team:  Ken Smith

B-team:  Rob Halse

C-team:  Andy Manson

D-team:  John Jenkins

E-team:  Mike Tew


Dorset League

A-team:  Richard Ursell

B-team:  Rob Halse

C-team:  Mike


Bacchus League

Highcliffe Castles:  Mike Tew