Endgame Corner by Christian Westrap

Many players think of the endgame as being the simplest stage of a chess game.  Although its true that the endgame features less pieces than the other phases, it is also true that it demands the most accuracy!  Errors in the endgame are punished swiftly and can often result in the loss of a game.  This is one of the reasons why it can be so rewarding to study endgames, there are many half points and full points to be picked up with thoughtful play.  To illustrate this, I will analyse a couple of endings that I recently had in my games.  In the first one, I managed to pick up a win from a drawn position with bishop versus knight.  The second game was a pawn ending I had in an online rapid game where I repeated moves in a winning position, thereby throwing half a point away.  The positions are shown below.

What would you play in either position?  To see the analysis, click here.

Members Games

Here we will show some games played by our members.  If you have played an interesting game or have any chess related stories that you would like to share, then please let us know!

The first game was played by Richard Ursell, on board 1 for our B team in the first match of the season.  An excellent start to the season for Richard as he wins a fine game of attacking chess!

Next up is a game played by Ken Smith for our A team in our first match in division 1.  A queen sacrifice is one of the most satisfying ways to win a chess game but it is only rarely that a player gets the opportunity to win in this manner.  In this game Ken manages to do just this, and against a highly graded opponent as well!

Finally, I have added one of my own efforts, played recently in the Southampton League.  Officially the game was played for Ringwood but they have effectively joined forces with Highcliffe to play in this league.  The game itself sees me obtain an advantage against the sharp Benko Gambit and I managed to convert nicely with an exchange sacrifice.

To see the games, with a few added comments, click here!