Endgame Corner

Analysis by Christian Westrap

One of the most important decisions that a player has to make in a rook endgame is whether to trade rooks and enter into a pawn endgame.  Pawn endings are notoriously tricky and the 2 examples that follow show that this decision is not always as straight-forward as it looks.

The first position occurred in K. Smith vs J. Weatherlake in the recent Highcliffe A vs Poole A match.  Ken has just played 29. Rc2-f2, offering black the chance to simplify into a favourable pawn endgame.  John, in time trouble, incorrectly decided to refuse the swap but the question still remains as to whether this pawn ending was winning for black?  The endgame that would have ensued is complicated, interesting and surprising!

The second position is simpler but interesting nevertheless.  Here the game in question was A. Manson vs C. Westrap from the 1st round of the Highcliffe Swiss, played this year.  I had just simplified into this ending and with my last move 34… Rf6-e6, I offered a rook exchange which, at the board, I felt sure Andy had to refuse.  The pawn ending looked to me to be completely winning but as I analysed at the board I became less and less sure…

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Puzzle Corner

A classic mating attack from the great Mikhail Tal.  White has sacrificed a lot of material to reach this position.  How does he finish black off?

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This endgame puzzle features in Dvoretsky’s excellent ‘Endgame Manual’.  White’s task is, of course, to checkmate the black king.  Be warned, it is trickier than it looks though!  You need to Make sure the black king doesn’t escape while avoiding any perpetual checks from the queen.

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Members Games

Here we will show some games played by our members.  If you have played an interesting game or have any chess related stories that you would like to share, then please let us know!

Games included so far:

M. Waddington vs D. Lovelock

A. Tyler vs R.Ursell

K. Smith vs R. Pegg

C. Westrap vs D. Holmes

R. Halse vs D. Popovic

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