Endgame Corner by Christian Westrap

Endgame Corner will feature an interesting and instructive endgame puzzle for you to solve.  Some will be well-known and some you may not have seen before.  This one is a study I first encountered many years ago as a young chess player.  I still remember both the position itself and the, rather neat, solution to this day!  To win, white needs to promote his pawn but 1. h7? e4 clearly won’t do as the bishop and king will stop the pawn without difficulty.  Over to you to see if you can find the winning moves!


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Members Games

Here we will show some games played by our members.  If you have played an interesting game or have any chess related stories that you would like to share, then please let us know!

The first game was played by Richard Ursell, on board 1 for our B team in the first match of the season.  An excellent start to the season for Richard as he wins a fine game of attacking chess!

Also featured is a game played by Ken Smith for our A team in our first match in division 1.  A queen sacrifice is one of the most satisfying ways to win a chess game but it is only rarely that a player gets the opportunity to win in this manner.  In this game Ken manages to do just this, and against a highly graded opponent as well!


To see the games, with a few added comments, click here!