Endgame Corner by Christian Westrap

The following position occurred in the final round of this year’s club championship between Richard Ursell, white, and Andrew Manson.  The endgame is instructive as it shows common endgame themes such as ‘outside passed pawn’ and ‘outflanking’.  Thanks to Andrew for sending it to me, and for analysing it with me at the Amberwood!

I find it surprising how many endgame principles are packed into such a simple ending!  If there is one lesson to be learned from the drawing lines in the analysis, it is the old chess adage that “one should be very careful before making pawn moves!”.  In this ending, as in many others, it is preferable to improve the king position first before advancing the pawns.

Members Games

Here we will show some games played by our members.  If you have played an interesting game or have any chess related stories that you would like to share, then please let us know!

Games included so far:

A. Tyler vs R.Ursell

K. Smith vs R. Pegg

C. Westrap vs D. Holmes

R. Halse vs D. Popovic

To see the games, with a few added comments, click here!